May 15, 2023

S5E5: David Clinch – Making Media Matter

S5E5: David Clinch – Making Media Matter
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For Dublin’s own David Clinch, media is serious business. He’s been working on the front lines of innovative journalism and the complete overhaul of the news business for the past 30 years.

He jokes that he’s been called “the Zelig of the media,” an “accidental journalist” popping up in key roles at the companies driving the changing media landscape, including ITN News in London, CNN where he helped manage the CNN International Desk in Atlanta and pioneered the use of social media for international newsgathering, a direction he pursued to help our previous Irish Stew guest Mark Littlebuild Storyful, the social media news agency at the intersection of media and technology.

Currently, David concentrates on the core elements that enable journalism to thrive, particularly the financial underpinnings that sustain modern news media. He serves as the VP of Partnerships at Mather Economics, assisting companies in formulating sustainable business strategies and curating the influential “Mather Report. As the founder and consultant for Media Growth Partners he’s helping keep small news organizations viable, while developing a framework for capturing the value of local news reporting.”

Born in England to Irish parents, David stayed there just long enough to develop an English accent that was “beaten out of me” he jokes when the family moved to Dublin. He studied at Belvedere College and Trinity College Dublin, saying “it was your fate if you were a Clinch in Dublin at that time.”

David shares how Bono opened up his world view, his start in media with a pirate radio station, why he was told he’d never work for RTE, how he found his way into television, his move to Atlanta to work for the emerging global news powerhouse CNN, the growth of digital forensic journalism, why he’s so concerned with establishing the value of local media, and his open invitation to anyone in media to show them the framework he’s building to build local media through what he calls “organized laziness.”

Join us for “a short history of the future of news,” with media innovator, David Clinch.



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David ClinchProfile Photo

David Clinch

Media Growth Consultant

David Clinch has over 30 years of experience in executive and entrepreneurial leadership in the media industry, beginning his career as an international journalist at CNN, then helping to lead the groundbreaking startup Storyful, that operates at the intersection of media and technology, and creating a network of professional relationships at the highest levels of both industries.

In this global partnership role, Clinch is building on Mather’s industry-leading expertise in subscription data to help partner companies develop sustainable business strategies that harness the power of compelling content, multiple revenue streams, rich data and the scale of technology.