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Irish Stew the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together

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America Based Actor Performing Arts

S4E17: Michael Mellamphy – Irish Storyteller on Stage, Screen & Video Games

Jan. 23, 2023

Growing up with one foot in Dublin and the other in Cork, Michael “Mick” Mellamphy now has a foot in Ireland and one in New York, where he’s in starring in Ronán Noone’s The Smuggler at the Irish Repertory Theatre, part of t…

America Based Government Men

S4E16: Ted Smyth - Check In On The Political World

Jan. 2, 2023

Veteran diplomat and C Suite executive, Ted Smyth, joins Martin Nutty, on The Stew for the third time. With the conclusion of the final election of the US Midterm election season, it seemed like a good time to take the polit…

Guest: Ted Smyth
America Based Author Men

S4E15: Peter Quinn - Da Bard of Da Bronx

Dec. 19, 2022

Speechwriter, novelist, essayist, and now memoirist Peter Quinn returns to Irish Stew to share tales from his home borough of New York City and beyond, captured in his new book, Cross Bronx: A Writing Life. Join us as Peter …

Guest: Peter Quinn
Irish Based Music Women Irish Language

S4E14: Rosa Nutty: Authentic Lyricism in Song

Dec. 5, 2022

In a way we’ve been teasing this episode since our first, as we’ve treated you to a wee taste of Rosa Nutty’s music at the opening of every Irish Stew episode. Now we go beyond the snippet and follow Rosa through the emotion…

Guest: Rosa Nutty
America Based Arts Music Performing Arts

S4E13: Check In - Gregory Harrington - Bonus Episode

Nov. 28, 2022

Gregory Harrington has stayed busy since our initial episode back in February 2022. Since that conversation, the accomplished violinist released a recording titled Gregory Harrington: Live From The Irish Repertory Join Mar…

Irish Based Film Women Men Irish Language

Colm Bairéad and Cleona Ní Chrualaoi: Making Noise With "The Quiet Girl"

Nov. 14, 2022

In times past, the Irish language (Gaelic) was thought by some to be a mark of backwardness. In this episode, husband and wife team, Colm Bairéad and Cleona Ní Chrualaoi reveal how Ireland's native tongue provided entrée to …

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