Irish Stew Podcast

Irish Stew Podcast

Irish Stew the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together

Recent Episodes

United Kingdom Based Author

S2E5: Jack Byrne - Mystery Writer

March 29, 2021

Jack Byrne Links Under the Bridge: Amazon Publisher: Northodox Press Blog Twitter Facebook Episode …

Guest: Jack Byrne
America Based Arts

S2E4: Turlough McConnell - Champion of Irish Culture in America

March 15, 2021

Turlough Links “Seamus” Plug: History Loves A Parade: 260 Years of the St. Patrick's Day Parade - O…

Journalism America Based

S2E3: Liza Donnelly: Visual Journalist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker, Feminist

March 1, 2021

From when her mother gave her a book of James Thurber’s cartoons, Liza Donnelly has expressed her w…

Guest: Liza Donnelly
America Based Government History

S2E2: Ted Smyth: Diplomat, Corporate Executive, Influencer

Feb. 15, 2021

Ted Smyth Links: Shameless plug => Glucksman House Gala Feb 23 Website => Link…

Guest: Ted Smyth
Podcasting America Based Journalism

S2E1: Shaunagh Connaire: Frontline Journalist and Podcaster

Feb. 1, 2021

Shaunagh Connaire is an award winning journalist who has reported from some of the most challenging…

Irish Based Law

S1E9: Ruth Cannon BL - Irish Barrister & Four Courts History Blogger

Jan. 18, 2021

Ruth Cannon BL is a Dublin based barrister specializing in property and probate law. Ruth acts as a…

Guest: Ruth Cannon

Recent Blog Posts

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Liza Donnelly's Cartooning World as Seen on TED

John and I were delighted to have Liza Donnelly on the podcast and learn more about her extensive career and how she bring impact and change to the world…

Liza Donnelly and The Palace Bar

The Palace Bar Our next podcast guest is visual journalist Liza Donnelly probably best known for her cartoons which have been featured in the New Yorker…