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Irish Stew Podcast

Irish Stew the podcast for the Global Irish Nation featuring interviews with fascinating influencers proud of their Irish Edge. If you're Irish born or hyphenated Irish, this is the podcast that brings all the Irish together

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America Based Author Music Men

S4E3: Larry Kirwan – Rocking Renaissance Man from Black 47 to Broadway

June 27, 2022

We’re not sure what’s more impressive—that Larry Kirwan originated and co-wrote the Broadway hit Paradise Square, or that his early band with Pierce Turner was banned from the notorious New York punk rock club CBGB for being…

Guest: Larry Kirwan
Continental Europe Based Author Men

S4E2: John McCourt - Tracking James Joyce in Trieste

June 13, 2022

Our Bloomsday episode with the engaging James Joyce scholar John McCourt takes us to Italy for the first time, specifically its outpost across the Adriatic Sea, Trieste. “There, I can safely say I discovered James Joyce,” Mc…

Guest: John McCourt
Irish Based Author Business Journalism

S4E1: Mark Little - From RTÉ to Journalism’s Digital Frontier

May 30, 2022

Our new season of Irish Stew opens with trailblazing journalist Mark Little, a former RTÉ newscaster working to make sense of social media. Coming from a family where there was a daily scrum over who got the newspaper first,…

Guest: Mark Little
America Based Arts Author Journalism Women

S3E17: Check In: Liza Donnelly - Bonus Episode

March 20, 2022

Liza Donnelly: New Yorker Cartoonist & “Very Funny Ladies” Irish Stew’s favorite cartoonist is back to tell you about her just-published book, V ery Funny Ladies: an in-depth celebration of women cartoonists who have graced …

Guest: Liza Donnelly
America Based Government Men

S3E16: Check In: Ted Smyth - Bonus Episode

March 17, 2022

We last spoke with Ted Smyth back at the start of 2021. A lot has happened in the world of politics in the intervening period. Ted’s experience on both sides of the Atlantic in the worlds of diplomacy and corporate life ma…

Guest: Ted Smyth
United Kingdom Based Author Men

S3E15: Check In: Jack Byrne - Bonus Episode

March 15, 2022

We first sat down with Liverpudlian, Jack Byrne back in Season 2 when we talked about his first novel: Under the Bridge. You can catch that episode here: Jack Byrne: Mystery Writer. Now Jack is back with the second installme…

Guest: Jack Byrne

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