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Great podcast with great hosts!

This podcast is well worth checking out. The hosts are really well-prepped and knowledgeable and the guests are super interesting. Highly recommend giving it a listen!

Not Irish but love it

Excellent podcast that keeps me entertained. Not of Irish descent but I enjoy listening to the excellent guests and the excellent moderators. I may need to start reading James Joyce

Beautiful listen.

Visiting Ireland? Curious about Irish identity? Just want to enjoy stories of origin and impact? Beautiful listen for the Irish diaspora.

Loved the conversation!

Great conversation!

Thoroughly enjoying the conversations here -- great podcast!

So good

Just found this podcast! So glad I did! The hosts discuss such interesting topics and leaving me wanting to hear more. Check it out!

An Irish podcast for its time, and place.

After hundreds of years of outward migration, especially since the mid 19th century, the global Irish have never been as connected across generations and locations as they are today, thanks to the Information Age. It is no surprise therefore, that a podcast is looking to capture this magic, and no surprise either that it comes out of New York, the power capital of the Irish abroad. But the great thing is that the hosts, John Lee and Martin Nutty, are doing a masterful job of it. If you are not Irish, then the extent and reach and depth of talent of a small nation on the edge of Western Europe that’s on exhibit here in this podcast will surprise you. And even if you count yourself as Irish, you might even be surprised too-but you’ll certainly feel proud. That’s my review, hope it helps you decide where to spend your listening time :)

Love it!

Thank you to the creators and guests, what an amazing contribution to a great culture.

The Right Ingredients

Accomplished guests plus thoughtful hosts who’ve prepped in advance, don’t intrude on their guests and close with fine summaries. Karen Daly NYC

Loving the Stew!

I'm very impressed with the first few podcasts. Jeffery Hazlett is a charismatic person with an engaging energy. John and Lee ask pointed questions that make that interviews effortless. Bridget Bray was equally engaging and shared a wealth of information about genealogy, listen to her. Bill Schultz offers valuable tips about podcasting.

Irish Stew Podcast

We LOVED the two Irish Stew podcasts we just listened to on a snowy Colorado day. It’s so great to feel so easily connected to the global Irish community! Bridget Bray got us excited about genealogy & the power of stories, while Jeffrey Hayslett inspired us about his path as entrepreneur & more. Great Conversations!