July 5, 2021

Cauvery Madhavan - Novelist connecting Ireland & India

Cauvery Madhavan - Novelist connecting Ireland & India
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Cauvery Madhavan adds Indian spices to this serving of Irish Stew as we trace her journey from Chennai, India to Sligo, Ireland, to County Kildare, and travel back with her to India to explore Irish stories there through her epic novelThe Tainted.

We talk of race and color in India and Ireland, the Anglo-Indians who were often more Irish than Anglo, the bonds Indian students forged with Irish revolutionaries, the dearth of spices in Sligo, the political scene in India today, how she and her family view their blended nationalities, and which flag they’d plant on the top of Mt. Everest.

Arriving in Ireland on Valentine's Day over three decades ago, Cauvery says that despite the Irish weather, she's been in love with the country ever since. 

The episode wraps with a fusion of Indian/Irish music in the form of the classic “Carolan's Favorite Jig,” performed by the notedveenavirtuoso Nirmala Rajasekar from Cauvery’s hometown of Chennai.

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Her publisher:https://www.hoperoadpublishing.com/authors/cauvery-madhavan

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Cauvery Madhavan


Cauvery Madhavan was born in India and moved to Ireland thirty-three years ago, arriving on Valentines Day and, despite the Irish weather, has been in love with the country ever since. Cauvery is the author of three books of fiction – Paddy Indian, The Uncoupling and
The Tainted. She writes opinion pieces for the Irish Times and wrote a Saturday column for the Evening Herald for seven years. She has also contributed to the Sunday Tribune, The Phoenix and Travel Extra. She is currently working on her fourth novel. She lives with her husband and three children in County Kildare