April 17, 2022

Why You Should Listen to Turlough McConnell

Why You Should Listen to Turlough McConnell

Although there are likely many Turloughs in New York City, for those that are active in Gotham’s Irish arts scene, there is only one man who jumps to mind - Turlough McConnell.

While cohost John Lee knew Turlough well, I had never had the opportunity to chat with the irrepressible Donegal man despite encountering his name in association with numerous Irish events. Given his legendary status in NYC’s Irish community, both John and I were delighted to have the opportunity to have Turlough tell his inspirational story.

In this episode we tracked Turlough’s life, learning how an explosion in violence led to his departure from his much loved Buncrana home and how he built a career in communications in America  All this before his recent effort to save The Great Hunger Museum a campaign which took place after this recording, so if you’re curious about what makes Turlough tick, give this episode a listen.

Link to: Turloughs Episode Page