Jan. 31, 2022

S3E11: John Greene & Maurice Casey - Telling the EPIC Story of Irish Emigration

S3E11: John Greene & Maurice Casey - Telling the EPIC Story of Irish Emigration
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In this episode we explore the “roots” and “routes” of the Irish diaspora for a very “Global Irish Nation Conversation” with CEO Patrick Greene and Historian-in-Residence Maurice J. Casey Ph.D. of Dublin’s EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum, voted Europe’s leading tourist attraction the last three years running.

Patrick shares how an apprenticeship in archeology led him into a lifelong international career at the forefront of the movement to make museums more vibrant, relevant, and engaging for visitors.

Maurice describes himself as an “expert in histories of hope, solidarity and the Irish abroad,” and tells of his efforts to include a more diverse range of experiences in the telling of the Irish diaspora story.

We learn how EPIC transformed a vaulted warehouse basement into 20 galleries of immersive sights, sounds, and stories that connect with both the Irish diaspora and the people of Ireland exploring their emigration story.

Join us for a lively discussion on the rich history of emigration from Ireland and the lesser-known story of immigration into Ireland through the lens of EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum.


EPIC: The Irish Emigration Museum

John Patrick Greene, CEO & Museum Director

Maurice J. Casey, Ph.D., DFA Historian in Residence

Maurice J CaseyProfile Photo

Maurice J Casey

Historian in Residence at EPIC

Maurice J Casey is the current Historian in Residence at EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs. He grew up in the Tipperary town of Cahir, studied for his B.A. at Trinity College Dublin, and received an MPhil from Cambridge University. He completed his DPhil research at Oxford University, where his project examined Irish women and radical internationalism, 1916-1939. His past research projects have included radical activists within the Irish gay rights movement and Irish travel to the Soviet Union during the interwar period. Maurice is broadly interested in the histories of interwar radicalism, the Irish abroad, and social movements.

Maurice's writing has appeared in outlets such as the Irish Times, History Today, History Ireland, RTÉ Century Ireland, and Contingent Magazine. He Has delivered many lectures to both academic and public audiences, in addition to being interviewed about his research in Irish and British media.

Patrick GreeneProfile Photo

Patrick Greene

Museum Director and CEO

Dr. J. Patrick Greene joined EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum as its new Museum Director and CEO in September 2019. Dr. Greene has extensive experience in the museum, cultural heritage, and tourism sectors in Australia, Europe, and the UK. A published author, keynote speaker, archival researcher, and archaeologist, Dr. Greene is internationally recognized as a visionary leader.

Patrick directed the development of the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, where he spent 19 years as the Director. He was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Museums Victoria in Australia in August 2002. Under his leadership Museums Victoria became the largest and most-visited encyclopedic museum organization in Australia, comprising the Melbourne Museum, Scienceworks Museum (incorporating the Melbourne Planetarium), the Immigration Museum, the World Heritage-listed Royal Exhibition Building, the Bunjilaka Aboriginal Cultural Centre, and IMAX Melbourne cinema.

Patrick led the organization and developed the concept of the networked museum that broke down barriers and encouraged teamwork.

EPIC was named Europe’s leading Tourist Attraction in 2019. Patrick has led the Museum’s growth as an internationally recognized visitor attraction