March 1, 2021

S2E3: Liza Donnelly: Visual Journalist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker, Feminist

S2E3: Liza Donnelly: Visual Journalist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker, Feminist

From when her mother gave her a book of James Thurber’s cartoons, Liza Donnelly has expressed her wit and rising political consciousness through pencils, pens, watercolors, and now through her live drawing on an iPad at the Oscars, the Democratic National Convention, other marquee events for CBS.

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Liza Donnelly

Visual Journalist, New Yorker Cartoonist, Speaker, Feminist

Liza Donnelly is a writer and award-winning cartoonist with The New Yorker Magazine, where she has been drawing cartoons and writing about culture and politics for forty years. She is also a contributor for CBS News and CNN, creating political cartoons as well as live-drawing special cultural and political events. Donnelly writes and draws for The New York Times and CNN Opinion pages. She is a designated top writer and cartoonist for Medium in politics and feminism where she writes and draws a regular column.

Donnelly delivered a very popular TED talk, which was translated into 38 languages and viewed over 1.4 million times. She is a return speaker at SXSW, has delivered talks at the United Nations in New York and Geneva, The New Yorker Festival, five TEDxes (most recently in Charlottesville, Virginia), universities, NGOs and corporate venues in the US and abroad. Donnelly has been a Cultural Envoy for the US State Department, traveling around the world to speak about freedom of speech, cartoons and women’s rights.

Donnelly is the creator of a new digital visual journalism called live drawing. For CBS News, CNN and The New Yorker, she covered the DNC in 2016, and the 2017 Inauguration, White House Press conference, political protest marches. According to NBC News, Donnelly is “a pioneer of on-the-fly sketching of live events” wherein she quickly cartoons people and events on her tablet and immediately tweets them out, sometimes with humorous and insightful… Read More