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Dr. Ruth Carden is a (palaeo)zoologist and Quaternary faunal specialist working in Ireland on commercial and academic projects for the past 20+ years. She is engaged in wide-ranging commercial and research interests which are driven by a multidisciplinary approach involving key themes including zoology, palaeoecology, zooarchaeology and the palaeoenvironment.

Commerical and academic research interests interface and combine zoological and faunal analyses involving specialisms in zooarchaeological methodologies and associated analyses, wild deer ecology and management, Quaternary faunal palaeo-ecologies and natural history, prehistoric human-animal relationships, and the use of GIS, photography including photogrammetry and statistical analyses within these areas.

July 17, 2023

S5E9: Ruth Carden - The Bone Lady

How can a kneecap bone change the history of Ireland? We answer that question during our conversation with Dr. Ruth Carden, a paleo zoologist with a particular interest in the animals that roamed Ireland over the last 50,000 ...

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