Dec. 5, 2022

S4E14: Rosa Nutty: Authentic Lyricism in Song

S4E14: Rosa Nutty: Authentic Lyricism in Song
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In a way we’ve been teasing this episode since our first, as we’ve treated you to a wee taste of Rosa Nutty’s music at the opening of every Irish Stew episode. Now we go beyond the snippet and follow Rosa through the emotional landscape she travels in song.

Her first album after a five-year absence from the recording studio, World So Blue is getting rave reviews, like this from The Irish Times:

“Now she’s back with a long-in-gestation debut album that weaves a kind of spell that will calm the jittery nerves of this weekend’s ghosts and spirits… this sense of optimism in the face of impending gloom seals whatever abrasions may have resided in Nutty’s creative mindset over the past three years.”

Join us as Rosa tells of her bilingual Irish-English childhood, her immersion in the visual arts, the influences on her songwriting, the power of letting go, her “semi-live” recording style, and the exhilaration of live performance.

And as she traces her journey from rural North County Dublin to rural Cavan, we’ll also hear all-too-brief segments from several of her songs.

Despite what she jokingly calls her “sad girl music,” there’s optimism in her atmospheric songs, best expressed in the title song “World Still Blue,” a hopeful sense that despite the turmoil and hardships of this world, from another perspective, say the perspective of an astronaut looking back on to earth from space, our world can still be “blue, calm and full of potential.”



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Rosa NuttyProfile Photo

Rosa Nutty

Singer Songwriter

Rosa Nutty is a Dublin-based songwriter. Her unique alt-pop sound blends intimate and thought-provoking lyrics with inventive vocal harmonies.

In 2022 Nutty released her first album World Still Blue, the follow-up to two critically acclaimed EPs, 2017 Pips and 2015 debut, Bunny. Nutty has appeared at festivals such as Other Voices, Sounds From a Safe Harbour, Electric Picnic, Hard Working Class Heroes and Castlepalooza, as well as appearing on national television and radio, both in Ireland and overseas.
“Rosa Nutty is a grafter aiming to negotiate the crossover from niche to higher profile without compromising her songcraft. Her debut EP, Bunny, and single release Sea Salt – not discounting her appearances at Castlepalooza and the Other Voices Music Trail – highlighted the songwriter’s knack for atmospheric pop/folk that doesn’t take the usual routes... Expect music smarts in abundance from a songwriter who we warrant will be playing larger venues within a year” - Tony Clayton-Lea, The Ticket (The Irish Times)