Dec. 24, 2021

When Christmas Comes Calling and The Year Wraps Up

When Christmas Comes Calling and The Year Wraps Up

Our 31 Guests

It's Christmas Eve in New York - the Winter Solstice has come and gone. It's that time when we all start to look back at the past year and be thankful for the good things that happened despite the challenging times we live in.

A Note of Thanks

With the drop of the well received MacDara Ó Conaola episode on Monday (give that a listen to feel some Aran Island vibe), we have released 31 episodes since we launched in October of last year

MacDara Ó Conaola

John and I want to thank those 31 guests who have been so kind to share a little of their lives with us, recounting how they relate to that small island of the West coast of Europe and why they're proud of their Irish edge

What You Can Expect From Us in 2022?

  • We have 6 more episodes coming up for season 3 which will take us up to St Patrick’s Day.
  • We will be talking to a Dublin based American tech executive who also happens to run a wonderful travel blog
  • We will be chat with one of the best known women in New York TV News 
  • We will get the low down on Dublin's immensely successful EPIC museum from two of its key players
  • We will be holding a virtual event on Tuesday, Jan 18 at 5:30 PM EST to celebrate our first anniversary, very belated, I Know - more details will be forthcoming, so stay tuned
  • And there will be more - scratching the back of my head 


Thank you to our listeners who have chosen to take the time to listen to the podcast. We know there are a lot of options out there in podcast land, so we’re honored that you’ve chosen to lend your ears to us and learn a little more about the Global Irish Nation

Nollaig shona daoibh go léir - Happy Christmas to you all!!