Oct. 25, 2020

The Black Art of Podcasting

The Black Art of Podcasting
Kieran Burns, proprietor of Burns Butchers in Sneem, Co Kerry, making the famous Sneem black pudding watched closely by Arthur Doniec, who has worked with Kieran for seven years. / Valerie O'Sullivan - from the Irish Farmers Journal

Since we're launching the podcast on Monday, I thought folks might be interested in understanding how the sausage was made in these COVID challenged times. In truth, this is not a black art, nor is it some well guarded secret like the Sneem Black Pudding recipe concocted by Burn's Butchers, a product which also has the virtue of achieving exalted PGI status

All the podcast conversions we use to create our episodes are recorded remotely using Zencastr, a clever piece of cloud based software which enables a podcast house to conduct remote interviews. As long as an interview subject has a decent microphone they can plug into their computer and can click a link, recoording remotely is a snap. A track is recorded seperately on each participant's computer which helps avoid issues which might arise as a result of sketchy internet service. At the conclusion of a recording session, all individual tracks are uploaded to a Dropbox site which can then then downloaded for editing

After our production guru Bill Schultz gets done with editing the audio, the finished MP3 file is then uploaded to our podcast host Buzzsprout which handles all the distribution to various podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Sticher, Spotify or Deezer to name a few. Of course you can just simply play any episode directly from our website => Episode Listing

Finally we opted to use Podpage to create a presence for the podcast on the web. Podpage was found by serial entrepreneur Brendan Mulligan whose moniker would comfortably fit within the ferment of James Joyce's Ulysses.This particular service, optimized for podcasters, handles much of the website drudge work many content developers would rather not handle. The service picks up new episodes shortly after they're published on Buzzsprout and creates an individual webpage for each episode which can be updated and configures as needed.

The combination of these three tools and services enable John and I to focus on what's really important: Creating stimulating conversations for our Global Irish Nation listeners


- Martin Nutty