Dec. 22, 2020

Ciarán Cannon Collaborates on Christmas Carol Classic "Old Galway Town"

Ciarán Cannon Collaborates on Christmas Carol Classic

Singer Michelle Lally sends Christmas Card to Galway 

Ciarán Cannon wrapped up a wide-ranging Irish Stew episode on a musical note, telling us of the song he wrote withJohnny B Broderickcalled “Old Galway Town” a wistful, evocative new Christmas song recorded by Michelle Lally,a former member of De Dannan,who has performed at the White House for presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush.

“The moment I heard it I was committed. For me it's the perfect song for a Christmas that comes at the end of a very challenging year, one where we didn't have many opportunities to meet with friends and family," Lally told theGalway Advertiser. "It's a song about looking to our past and all the memories that we have made, while being grateful for our present, grateful to have loved ones who are really precious to us at this special time of year.”

According to theGalway Daily, folk singer Dónal Lunny said that the song is “as evocative of Christmas as a Christmas tree. It’s going to be around forever.”

Download it HERE...and Enjoy!