Jan. 24, 2021

A Four Courts Virtual Tour

A Four Courts Virtual Tour

The Four Courts with O'Donovan Rossa Bridge in the Foreground

Irish Stew was delighted to host Ruth Cannon on episode 9 of the podcast. We discussed the Irish Legal system and Ruth's blog: Stories of the Four Courts which delves into Ireland's legal history. If you'd like to hear our broad ranging discussion, just click the following play button:

Ruth spends much of her professional life at the Four Courts, so I was delighted to come across her bird's eye, virtual tour of the 18th century complex using Google satellite maps. The current site of the courts, has been the center of the Irish Legal community for over 200 years and while an architectural landmark in Dublin, few will be familiar with both the geographic and historic detail Ruth provides in this short video:

The building is commonly considered to be one of Dublin's finest Georgian structures and was developed from 1786 - 1802 under the guidance of famed architect James Gandon (1743 - 1823). The English born Gandon would leave his mark on Dublin, in addition to the Fourt Courts, he's problem most noted for the city's Custom House

James Gandon

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