April 10, 2023

S5E3: Manchán Magan - Deep Rooted In Irish Culture

S5E3: Manchán Magan - Deep Rooted In Irish Culture
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For over 25 years Manachán Magan has been at the forefront of Irish cultural affairs. He first rose to public attention with the 1996 launch of Irish language television now known as TG4. Together with his brother Ruán, Manachán produced a ground breaking series of television programs exploring indigenous cultures across the globe

Since those early days, Manachán continues to drive the cultural conversation through multiple mediums. He has proved to be an accomplished journalist, theatrical performer, podcaster and author. The recent publication of 32 Words For Field and Listen To The Land Speak is redefining how Irish people interact with their ancient language and culture

Join us as we explore Manachán’s deep rooted Irishness and how he has carved out a space in public consciousness that differs from his extraordinary family. How he chooses to live a life unbounded by modern day conventions through the exploration of his unique perspective 

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Manchán MaganProfile Photo

Manchán Magan

Authour, Journalist and Cultural Maven

Manchán Magan is a writer and documentary-maker. His most recent book Thirty-Two Words for Field was a runaway bestseller. It inspired a picture book for children, Tree Dogs, Banshee Fingers and Other Irish Words for Nature, with illustrator Steve Doogan, which was also a bestseller. Manchán writes occasionally for The Irish Times and presents The Almanac of Ireland podcast for RTÉ Radio 1.